How It Works

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Unblocked.Org.Uk is a unique place where you can play the unblocked online games wherever and whenever you want. You can watch a simple presentation above to find out how our system works or I will explain here the whole process.

As you have noticed, all the games at our website are hosted at different subdomains. This means that we use this url scheme : instead of this So what’s the difference ?

The main difference is that the subdomains are considered to be a unique website which is more difficult to block. For sure, it’s harder to block hundreds of subdomains instead of just a single domain. We call it Level 1 Unblocking System.

Level 2 Unblocking System which was developed by Unblocked.Org.Uk is much more interesting and more impressive. Every time you enter one of the game pages, our system loads the flash game from one of many mirrors. In case that this mirror is blocked, you just hit the “Unblock The Game” button or press F5 on your keyboard and the game will be loaded from another mirror. Each game has at least 5 mirrors and this makes very hard to block the games.

So, instead of searching for unblocked games over and over, you should just bookmark our website and enjoy the greatest flash games every day.

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